How to incorporate a French company

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Jean Sébastien Wallez reviewed made in law

made in law, or how to incorporate your business in a snap! CEO, Founder, Peter

Maurice Nguyen reviewed made in law

It's an amazing team as talented as Astérix and Obélix that incorporated Motoria smoothly. Within a few days, everything was ready without losing a single minute that would distract us from our goal. CTO, Founder, Motoria

Thomas Leger reviewed made in law

We haven't incorporated our company yet, still, they start sharing with us great tips so we put all chances on our side! Thank you! CEO, Founder, Parsifal

Maxime Blum reviewed made in law

When starting a business, you don't have time for paperwork or studying law. With made in law, in just a few minutes, I got a quote for trademark and privacy registration, and it's 100% online. CEO, Founder, FireBnB

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At made in law we’ve wrapped everything you need to start your company into one cost effective package. And as you grow, you'll want ad hoc expert Tax, Legal and Accounting support at the right price, that's why we've assembled a best in class selection of partners to address your specific needs.

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€245*excl. tax
  • Bylaws tailored
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  • Directors' official declarations
  • Online secured signatures
  • Tax summary
  • Certificate of incorporation
  • Dashboard

* Mandatory and Court fees are charged separately.
Our included services
  • Full administrative filing
  • Expert administrative support
  • Escrow account follow-up
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  • Free post-incorporation templates
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