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  • The "one-stop shop" for all the formalities required. Our catalogue is constantly being enriched!
  • A fully automated solution developed with legal experts who worked in top tier law firms and companies.
  • In order to be more efficient and shorten procedures, Made in Law produces clever ways for your team and partners to relate to one another.
Made in law

List of formalities

€99.00 (tax excl.)

We generate and check your documents and file your documents with the administration.

Included in our price

Standard fees

  • The registration of the person of significant contral is new an mandatory since 2 August 2017. It allows the identification of individuals having a significant influence on the control of the company.

Mandatory administrative costs

  • No administrative costs

Declare now as of 99.00 (tax excl.)

118,80 € (tax incl.)

Why us ?

  • Simple

    Answer a smart and simplified questionnaire
    We clarify for you each step of the administrative procedure.

  • Available

    Telephone support +331 84 88 07 07 and online chat

  • Quick

    Instant generation of all your administrative records and statuses.
    Registration between 2 and 7 working days

  • Unbeatable prices

    Registry fees for registration and declaration of beneficial owners are included, as well as legal advertising!
    No hidden fees.

  • Reliable

    Documents written by formalist experts and lawyers, investors
    HOTLINE expert at your disposal and follow-up of your formality from A to Z without expenses

  • Secure

    Reliable electronic signature trusted third-party trusted, dual authentication and storage for 10 years in an electronic vault of the Caisse des dépôts.

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