Why should you declare the People with significant control?

Any individual who has a power of influence over the control of a company (any form of company). Since August 2017, the registration is mandatory, otherwise, you are subject to criminal sanctions and penalties (6 months emprisonment and 7.500€).

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Declare the People with Significant Control

This registration is mandatory and must be executed before April 1st 2018.

€99*excl. tax
  • 100% online registration
  • Invite the people with significant control by email
  • Collective approval of the registration
  • Online secured signatures
  • Expert control of the document (optional)

* Mandatory Court fees are included (€54,42).
Our included services
  • Collection and verification of your personal information and documents
  • Official registration of the people of significant control (PSC registry)
  • Step by step follow-up and real time alerts
  • 5 days / 7 assistance by phone, e-mail and chat