Leave your VAT paperwork to our experts & focus on your business

VAT registration & filing is repetitive, time consuming and costly for entrepreneurs who instead need to focus on growing their business. Made in law, in cooperation with Verico, provides automated tools to make sellers’ tax compliance simple and to allow them to focus on their core activities.
How to create a branch
Take 5 minutes to fill out our smart questionnaire, choose from the available options. Sign and pay securely online. That’s it!
We take care of the generation of the documents needed, your VAT registration and the appointment of your tax representative/agent.
✔  Smart and quick questionnaire to orient the seller
✔  Access to the best legal and tax experts on demand
✔  VAT registration
✔  VAT filing and tax payments
✔  VAT services available for any EU countries
✔  Online and seamless
✔  Get notified with updates on your tax compliance
✔  Global support with IT and legal experts making the process transparent, simple and automated.

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Made in law

All your documents are created and signed online. You manage your branch from made in law dashboard.

Stay compliant and up to date with our checklists and notifications.

They use made in law

Jean Sébastien Wallez, CEO, Founder, Peter

Made in law, or how to incorporate your business in a snap!

Thomas Leger, CEO, Founder, Parsifal

We haven't incorporated our company yet, still, they start sharing with us great tips so we put all chances on our side! Thank you!

Maxime Blum, CEO, Founder, FireBnB

When starting a business, you don't have time for paperwork or studying law. With Made in law, in just a few minutes, I got a quote for trademark and privacy registration, and it's 100% online.

Romuald Terranova, CEO, Founder, Motoria

As an entrepreneur, when we enter a market our role is to spend time with our customers, not with the administrative. Made In Law is then the ideal service to create a company with efficiency, speed, serenity and without hassle. Thank you !

Who is made in law for?

  • Marketplace re-sellers looking to do business on EU platforms
  • Non-EU companies expanding in to Europe
  • Large corporations who need an off-the-shelf company - fast
  • EU companies requiring VAT registration in France
  • Non-EU companies hiring in France
  • UK companies who need to keep their EU VAT passport after Brexit
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Get started now and you'll be VAT registered in just a few days.

Enter the European market like a pro

We know that preparing to do business in a new market can be complicated and time consuming. With made in law, you’ll be up and running in Europe in a few clicks. We’ve removed the complexity, the paperwork, and dramatically reduced the set up time.

  • Get compliant fast

    We’ll set up your EU VAT registration and branch quickly, securely and 100% online so you can focus on your business.

  • Manage your branch online

    We’ll set up your EU VAT registration and branch quickly, securely and 100% online so you can focus on your business.


Get the Right Support to Start Your Business

At made in law we’ve wrapped everything you need to start your branch into one cost effective package. And as you grow, you'll want selected ad hoc expert Tax, Legal and Accounting support at the right price, that's why we've assembled a best in class selection to address your specific needs.

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Discover our Services

Choose your country, we prepare the correct paperwork and file your documents online.

From €250.00tax excl. for EU companies.
  • Registration documents (excl. translations)
  • Full administrative filing (including all forms)
  • Online secured signature
  • Administrative notifications
  • Expert administrative support
  • Free post-registration templates
  • Compliance to do list
  • Management dashboard
We create your branch
  • You’ll get an online multi-currency current/checking account
  • You’ll get a registered business address in France
  • Assign your approved tax mandate
Register your VAT
  • Your VAT filings is taken care of
  • Your tax and VAT bill are charged automatically
  • Your business mail are scanned and translated
Our services in cooperation with Verico
  • Tax agent, registration for VAT and filings: from €395
  • Tax representative, registration for VAT and filings: from €795