Update your VAT status in Europe at the flick of a switch!

VAT registration and declarations in Europe are repetitive, time-consuming and costly tasks for entrepreneurs. Even more complex and costly is the designation of a tax representative in France, Spain and Italy.
Made in law, in partnership with Verico, makes VAT conformity extremely simple.
How do I register for VAT or create a branch in France ?
Take 5 minutes to respond to our smart questionnaire, choosing from the available options. Sign and pay online securely.
We instantly generate all the necessary documentation, prepare all the relevant VAT declarations for all of Europe and can appoint a tax representative, should you need one.
✔  Smart and quick questionnaire to orient the seller
✔  Access to the best legal and tax experts on demand
✔  VAT registration
✔  VAT filing and tax payments
✔  VAT services available for any EU countries
✔  Online and seamless
✔  Get notified with updates on your tax compliance
✔  Global support with IT and legal experts making the process transparent, simple and automated.

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Update your VAT status in Europe at the flick of a switch!

All your documents are created and signed online. You manage your branch from made in law dashboard.

Stay compliant and up to date with our checklists and notifications.

Become a force to be reckoned with in the European market in a few clicks !

Entering a new market without knowing the legal rules can be a time-consuming, stressful ordeal. To take the stress out this for you, the entrepreneur, Made in Law has, partnered with Verico- EU VAT experts- to make your foray into the European market a successful one. Together, we’ve done away with the complex, paper-intensive and time-consuming elements to allow you to focus on growing your business.

  • Your online EU VAT declarations

    Follow all the administrative rules, submit your invoices and we’ll calculate the VAT payable directly via your user platform.

  • Taxes

    Follow all the administrative rules, submit your invoices and we’ll calculate the VAT payable directly via your user platform.


Made in Law and Verico help your company grow

We’ve brought together all that you’ll need to develop your business in France with all the essential services. To ensure your company’s growth and accompany you every step of the way, Verico’s experts will provide daily support at no additional cost!

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Who is made in law for?

  • Marketplace re-sellers looking to do business on EU platforms
  • Non-EU companies expanding in to Europe
  • EU companies requiring VAT registration in France
  • Non-EU companies hiring in France
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Get started now and you'll be VAT registered in just a few days.

  • Automatise your VAT registration with Made in law and Verico
  • The CCI and Made in Law have been partners since day one to guide entrepreneurs at every step
  • Crédit Mutuel and Made in law facilitate business creation
  • The online bank which offers foreign exchange support to businesses recommends Made in Law to its nomadic and demanding clients!
  • Se Domicilier and Made in Law simplify all the steps necessary to domiciling your business in France

Discover our Services

Choose your country, we prepare the correct paperwork and file your documents online.

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  • Administrative documents (excluding translations)
  • Designation of legal representatives (legal, accounting etc)
  • Preparation of all the relevant tax forms
  • Tracking of administrative tasks
  • Secure online signature
  • Administrative support and expert accountant
  • Free post-registration document templates
  • Dedicated user platform
  • Option: Designation of a Verico tax representative

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Your VAT ou branch
  • Open an online payment account
  • Obtain an address in France for your company
  • Appoint a legal or tax agent or representative in France
Register for VAT
  • Your VAT declarations are automated
  • Your taxes and VAT deductibles are paid online
  • Receive monthly VAT notifications
Our services in collaboration with Verico
  • Tax agent, VAT registration and declaration: starting at 395€/year per country
  • Tax representative, VAT registration and declaration: starting at 795€/year per country