Your company in a box and your instructions centralized

made in removes the useless complexity of the incorporation process and it's administrative management.

We automate and centralize on a unique platform your company's legal and administrative workflows, we make them cost-effective, simple and fast.

Our questionnaire are short and tailored, 7 technical questions maximum per document to simplify the process.

You decide, we execute securely and online in real time.

1. Answer our smart questionnaire

You choose the options you need

2. Enjoy your documents

Review your tailored draft documents, get expert advice on request

3. Invite your team

We collect the informations directly from your shareholders.

4. Sign online

Execute with online signature, no paper, no delays

5. Activate your next steps

Add a shareholder, change your business address...

Thanks to Made in law, our international clients are up and running in France in less than a third of the time it takes through traditional routes.     Pierre-Antoine Dusoulier - iBanFirst
Iban First
It's the best alternative to lawyers or accountants when starting a business, no question.     Oussama Ammar - The Family
The Family
It's the ultimate startup for startups. Your company incorporated online and managed from your dashboard at every step of your company's journey.     Guillaume Le Dieu de Ville - HEC / Ecole 42
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Not operating in France yet?

There a two options for doing business in France. You can decide to have a legal entity (create a company), or just do business and register for VAT (create a branch).